Meet the Team


I got my start as a professional dog trainer in 2014, however I have had lifelong involvement in working with animals. I have been working with and interested in dogs since my family got our first puppy when I was 7. Even back then I enrolled her in a 4-h dog obedience project and obedience competition. I have grown up with dogs and horses and have enjoyed and benefitted from the company of both. I have a B.A. in Psychology, and it was during that program that I developed a strong interest in animal behavior, learning theory, and learned many of the principles that I employ in my training today. Once out of college, I began fostering and rehabbing rescue dogs so they could be placed in adoptive homes. Through this experience I became interested in becoming a professional dog trainer. I got my start at a well respected dog training school in Minneapolis, MN, where I mentored with other trainers and then took on my own caseload. During my tenure there, I taught a wide range of group classes such as puppy class, beginner through advanced obedience, new baby, door greeting, loose leash walking, dog to dog socialization, and leash aggression. I divided my time between teaching group classes and conducting in home private training sessions for all of the above mentioned subjects as well as many more.

I moved to New Jersey in 2017 and felt it was time to add some credentials to my dog training business. In 2018 I completed the Master Class at CATCH Canine Training Academy.

I have a strong interest in continuing education and am often attending new classes, workshops and seminars so I can pass on the knowledge to my clients. I have two American Staffordshire Terrier mixes named Janet and Louie, and in 2018 I also added Byron, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to my home. I enjoy playing disc (Frisbee) with Janet and Louie and I can regularly be found working in the competitive obedience and ally obedience rings. Byron competes in the AKC breed ring, and he has earned several titles in dog sports. I have a continued passion for rescue work and volunteer whenever and wherever I can. When I am not training dogs, I can be found at the barn spending time with my Connemara Pony, Winnie, or spending time outside with my family.

I love working with people, I love working with dogs, and most of all, I love helping people build a strong, trusting bond with their dog so that the dog can always be part of a loving family.