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Smart Paws Dog Training is located in Northern New Jersey.  I provide In home Private training for dog owners seeking help for a wide variety of training needs. Whether you are looking to add a dog to your life, have a new Pet, or are looking for help to solve a behavior problem I can help.  Common subjects include new puppy questions, and general obedience to specific behavior issues such as better door greeting manners, bringing a new baby into the family, polite leash manners, as well as socialization and separation issues.   

At Smart Paws, I believe every dog is unique and training is not a one size fits all endeavor.  Through training you will learn what communication style works best for you and your dog, what rewards create lasting results, and how training can strengthen your bond with your dog.

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"Courtney is a wonderful trainer who is passionate about what she does and it shows. She provides consistent and fun training that works. I have had the pleasure of working with Courtney for a few years and have always admired her ability and knowledge. The best!"



Our Services


In Home Private Training

Hourly training sessions are available for a wide variety of training needs.  I will come to your house and together we will set up a training plan.  Each session we will work together on new skills to reach your goals and you will receive homework to work on between sessions as well as unlimited phone and email support between sessions.

Day Training  

You drop your dog off with me for an agreed upon amount of time.  During that time your dog participates in training, enrichment activities, and physical exercise appropriate to their needs.  This can be a great option for dogs who would not do well in a traditional day care setting, or dogs who need more structured and focused activities as well as very young puppies who cannot be left alone for a long work day.  Not only will your dog be getting exercise and socialization, they will also receive training to reinforce your training goals.

Dog Walking/ Training Walks

 We work on leash manners while you are away.  Walks take place in various locations around the community.  Through scheduled private appointments we get you up to speed so you can continue and reinforce the training foundations.

Board and Train

 Your dog lives in my home for 2-4 weeks as we work on building a foundation for your training goals.  Your dog will be a part of my household and family in every aspect of daily life. 






In Home Private Training

Training Sessions that happen in your home on your schedule.  Together we develop a training plan and then work to implement through assigned homework.  Sessions can be scheduled for as frequently as you would like....$60/hr

Day Training

Training that through out the day when your dog is with me.  This can take the place of traditional dog day care and provide your dog with more structure, more personalized activity, and reinforcement to training goals.  ....$55/ day



Training Walks

Put leash walking foundation skills into your dogs repertoire through 1:1 private walks with a trainer.  Once the foundation skills are built, you meet with the trainer to learn what your dog knows and how to implement the techniques.  These can be a good choice for dogs who need practice walking nicely as well as for dogs who are reactive when on leash...$35/walk 

Board and Train

Needs can very from wanting a foundation of obedience for your dog to more serious socialization issues.  This can be a good option for you if you have a busy lifestyle or if you feel you are not equipped to handle the issues.   Please contact for pricing.



Pre-Puppy/ adoption Appointment

Thinking about bringing a puppy or new dog into the family?  These appointments address any questions you have, how to set up your home, and how to help your new dog transition happily....$35/hr

Phone Consultation

If you feel you just need to ask a few questions, this may be the perfect option for you.  Potty training issues are also generally something that can be handled through a phone consultation....$25/20 minutes



About courtney

I got my start as a professional dog trainer in 2014, however I have had lifelong involvement in working with animals. I have been working with and interested in dogs since my family got our first puppy when I was 7.  Even back then I enrolled her in a 4-h dog obedience project  and obedience competition.  I have grown up with dogs and horses and have enjoyed and benefitted from the company of both.  I have a B.A. in Psychology, and it was during that program that I developed a strong interest in animal behavior, learning theory, and learned many of the principles I employ in my training today.  Once out of college, I began fostering and rehabbing rescue dogs so they could be placed in adoptive homes.  Through this experience  I became interested in becoming a professional dog trainer.  I got my start at a well respected dog training company in Minneapolis, MN, where I mentored with other trainers and then took on my own caseload.  During my tenure there, I taught a wide range of group classes such as puppy class,  beginner through advanced obedience,  new baby, door greeting, loose leash walking, dog to dog socialization, and leash aggression . I divided my time between teaching group classes and conducting in home private training sessions for all of the above mentioned subjects as well as many more. 

I have a strong interest in continuing education and am often attending new classes so I can pass on the knowledge to my clients.  I have two American Staffordshire Terrier mixes name Janet and Louie.  I enjoy playing disc (Frisbee) with Janet and Louie and I can regularly be found working in the  competitive obedience and  rally obedience rings.  I usually have at least one foster dog in my house as I have a strong passion for rescue work.

Above all, I love working with people, I love working with dogs, and most of all, I love helping people build a strong, trusting bond with their dog so that the dog can always be part of a loving family.





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Friends of Smart Paws




PAWS, (Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair, Inc.) is an animal rescue and shelter organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.  We facilitate pet adoption for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in our community. Founded in 1977, PAWS has been serving Montclair NJ and the surrounding communities for 40 years.





What About the Pets is a full-service pet care company servicing parts of Essex & Passaic County New Jersey. Our experienced, bonded and insured sitters specialize in:

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  • Dog Walking (Mid Day individual dog walks)
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